Lontech can convert your VHS cassette tapes to digital DVD for your area Edgware. This gives you easy access to the recordings and more importantly preserves the content on the tapes!

Have you got a pile of VHS Tapes taking up space? They wont last forever and could be nicely compacted down to several DVD disks!
Our VHS to DVD Service provides your tapes as ready-to-go DVD disks or we can convert your VHS to a digital video file that you can view, store and even edit on your Windows PC, Apple Mac or Linux desktop to create your own Disks.
Note: Tapes under and above 60 minutes will be considered as follows:
    Under  60min tape: 1 hour
    Above  60min tape: 2 hours
    Above 120min tape: 3 hours
Same day Service for small number of tapes!! Drop off in the morning and pick up in the evening or drop off in the evening and pick up next day!

Convert VHS Tape to DVD Edgware

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